Om Linda


Navn : Linda Wibe Larsen
født : 10.04.1977

født og oppvokst i Arendal, bor for tiden i Myra.
Har syklet aktivt siden 2000

Jobber 70% som senterleder på Atletica idrettens treningssenter , er selvstendig næringsdrivende og jobber som treningskonsulent for TC Trening.

4 Responses to Om Linda

  1. Hei,

    Bra side du har her, selv om det manglet info en par steder. Vi driver en nystartet sykkelside og lurer på om du er interessert i blogge hos oss?

    Sondre Andreassen

  2. Racquel says:

    This is a wonderful psnhreratip! I can only imagine how enriched the Arctic 2010 expedition will be through such a diverse merging of countries and experiences. It is crucial that the voices of those who are feeling the brunt of the effects of climate change have the chance to unite. There is no better opportunity for this to occur for youth than through Students on Ice. SOI encourages and reminds youth of the difference we can make. I feel that creating a link between the youth of Small Island Developing States and Arctic communities could play a very strong role in communicating to world leaders the urgency of climate change today.All of the best, and love and hope to all. – SOI Alumni, Arctic Expedition 2007

  3. Gagandeepika says:

    this initative piece of wtrniig, is a subtle comment on the way in which we live. Well written and acted, I enjoyed every minute.. I would like to see more work like this in the future. The use of techno musical interludes helped to create a stark contrast to the characters nostalgic remembering. every moment a pleasure to listen to.. well done.16 May 10 at 9:44pm

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